Computer equipment contains materials that serve a technical function but may be hazardous to human health and the environment if not disposed off safely. Hence the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

WEEE compliant and environmentally responsible recycling is achievable.

  • The WEEE Directive sets targets for recovery from the waste stream of 75% by weight of computer equipment. RDC tracks 100% recovery with hazardous waste removed and disposed of in accordance with the WEEE Directive – and no recyclable WEEE disposed of to landfill.
  • WEEE Directive – The WEEE Directive sets a target for ICT of 65% by weight reuse and 75% recovery; RDC report 92% recycling and 100% recovery with zero IT WEEE disposed of to landfill, a UK first.
  • Packaging and non-IT waste is also recycled – with RDC tracking over 98% by weight of all wastes recycled and recovered from the waste stream.
  • RDC audits recycling suppliers to verify compliance with environmental regulations and assurance that best practice recycling techniques are used.
  • RDC hold environmental permits to receive, store and treat WEEE and related packaging waste.
  • All waste transfers are carried out by permitted couriers with the requisite waste transfer documentation to produce demonstrable waste ‘duty of care’ compliance.
  • RDC has won a series of awards for our innovative recycling processes.
  • RDC Head of Sustainability was selected to serve on the UK Government WEEE Advisory Body as an expert in WEEE reuse and recycling.

If you would like to benefit from our compliant solutions, require guidance and advice or want to check your compliance please contact us.

Download our WEEE Tools Article (PDF - March 2014) 


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