Environmental Sustainability Services

  • We exceed WEEE Directive targets, selling over 80% of equipment managed for reuse, reporting 100% recovery of non-working equipment and over 90% recycling with the balance recovered as waste to energy
  • We estimate reuse could mean over 950 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent could be saved by reuse of each PC
  • Over 10 million items reused or recycled since 1998 through RDC
  • Energy saving 'switch-off' projects; use of Carbon Trust posters led to a reduction of 7% in electricity used per item processed by RDC.
  • Procurement of environmentally responsible products sees 100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable packing used
  • Recycle non-IT waste - recycling rates now exceed over 99% of all material handled
  • We are assessed as a low level energy user through an Envirowise study in 2008

We provide sustainable services that help our customers manage, use and dispose of information technology equipment in a way that minimises damage to the environment and maximises the return on their IT investment. We achieve this through the environmentally safe disposal of equipment, through recycling, re-use or donation to charity. By understanding our customer's sustainability policy and goals, we are able to provide information that evidences how they manage their used technology in a sustainable way.

Exceeding the targets laid down by the WEEE Directive, we ensure 0% of our customers IT equipment ends up in a landfill as waste, where the any toxic substances it contains can leach into groundwater and where non-biodegradable plastics can remain for years to come. Because IT is a large contributor to the greenhouse gas emission problem, it also has an opportunity to be a big part of the solution.

Put simply, companies are rapidly coming to understand that sustainable development is a better way to do business, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because major stakeholders, including shareholders, customers and employees can see the financial, ethical, and responsibility benefits that such an approach demonstrates. Our goal remains to deliver on the sustainable development principles laid down by the World Commission on Environment and Development that states... "Sustainability must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

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