The Effectiveness of Data Eradication

Data is more at risk than at any time before

Certified standards and approved processes demonstrate RDC's capability for the handling, processing and destruction of data. RDC has achieved certification by the BSI to international standard ISO27001 for Information Security Management.

RDC is approved by the UK Government Security Services Communications and Electronics Security Group Claims Tested Mark for managed services for the secure destruction of data stored on computer hard disk drives and magnetic media. This provides customers with a risk assessed service that controls protected data in an environmentally responsible way.

RDC provides assurance that confidential data held on computers will not be accessible to unauthorised persons by:

  • Eradicating data using tools approved for this purpose by HM Government's Communications electronic Security Group (CESG)
  • Maintaining a high level of site security and secure processing of protectively marked equipment as approved by HM Government Security Services
  • Security screening employees
  • Physically destroying data bearing equipment
  • Certificates of data destruction provided
  • On-site data eradication services available
  • Video Studies
  • Data Security
    Data security including
    wiping and degaussing
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