We use the latest Blancco Certified Data Destruction Tools

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around the world. As the pioneer and global leader in data sanitization and end-of-lifecycle solutions, RDC offers the leading certified data erasure service within the industry.

Secure Erasure

Blancco permanently removes data from IT assets such as PCs, servers, data center equipment and smartphones. Data erased using our Blancco system cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

Detailed Reporting

A detailed report is proof of successful data erasure. Blancco's tamper-proof and verifiable reporting is an essential part of compliance, regulatory and legal auditing requirements.

A Fully Auditable Process

Our Blancco systems provides a comprehensive audit trail. This is a critical requirement for compliance with IT security standards such as ISO27001, ISO15408, PCI and FISMA.

RDC operate this service under the following additional quality standards...

  • Quality Assurance ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management ISO 14001
  • Information Security Management ISO 27001
  • Health & Safety OHSAS 18001
  • Integrated management system under PAS 99 (incorporating health and safety, environment, information security and quality standards

We also provide the following assurance...

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • UK WEEE Regulations 2006
  • Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005
  • Electrical Safety at Work Regulations 1989
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991
  • Waste Regulatory 2011
  • Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994

Our company and services have been awarded as follows...

  • Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2012
  • Queens Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development 2009
  • Queens Award for Enterprise 2002
  • Environmental Company of the Year 2009 Microscope ACES (Awards for Channel Excellence)
  • CIWM Award for Environmental Excellence 2010
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    wiping and degaussing
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