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Charity/Support Programmes

RDC actively supports a number of charity programmes and realises the importance of acting both locally and globally to support clients’ own wishes. Donations of computer equipment can be focussed internationally on the developing world or alternatively used to support any UK charitable initiatives. These can include the provision of actual computer equipment, or donations can be converted into cash, which can then be used to purchase commodities essential to the wellbeing of otherwise underserved communities both in the UK and overseas.

RDC has extensive experience in being able to tailor donations to our clients’ wishes. Where donated equipment is intended for re-use, it is data-wiped, screened for quality, safety and suitability to ensure that is fit for purpose. When cash is preferred, RDC can sell donated equipment to achieve the maximum possible value and make the resulting revenue available to a chosen charity.

RDC is happy to arrange donations for any registered international or local charity of choice and can offer advice if necessary.

Charities currently supported include:

MillRace IT (www.millraceit.co.uk)

In 2004 RDC formed a ground-breaking partnership with MillRace IT, a not-for-profit Social Enterprise established in 2000 by the charity, InterAct.

MillRace IT is committed to creating employment and training opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour market and to addressing digital inclusion needs in local communities.


Using computer refurbishment as a basis for offering work placements MillRace provides the opportunity for people to gain the social skills and confidence to encourage a return to full time employment. RDC provides MillRace with the RDC database, procedures, tools and advice plus recycles their waste IT.

Through its “Community Computers” shops MillRace IT sells refurbished computers enabling people on low incomes and community organisations to buy IT equipment at affordable prices.

MillRace IT is accredited as an Open Colleges Network training provider and all its trainees have the opportunity to gain qualifications in a wide range of IT courses including Recycling Awareness, Computer Refurbishment, Customer Services and MS Office products.

Since 2007 MillRace IT has installed refurbished computer equipment into sheltered housing schemes for elderly people as part of the Essex UnITe partnership. This project tackles the digital exclusion of older people by teaching basic IT skills including the Internet and email at residential schemes and through community workshops. Essex UnITe was recently awarded a £428K Big Lottery Grant enabling a further two-year delivery of community workshops and road-shows across the County for over 8000 older people; IT skills training and broadband access at 35 sheltered/supported housing schemes and the development of community and social networking websites and virtual village halls for older people.

In Kind Direct (www.inkinddirect.org)

In Kind Direct, one of The Prince’s Charities, helps UK charities and not for profit groups to access the consumer supplies they require to deliver their work for people in need.

InKindDirectSince foundation in 1996, the charity has redistributed over £115 million in value of products from 850 different companies. More than 6,000 charities working at home and abroad are registered to benefit from the service, helping millions of people in need every year.

A huge range of charities tackling a wide range of issues benefit from In Kind Direct’s service, including: family welfare projects, youth groups, nurseries, children’s homes, hospices, women’s refuges, sickness and disability groups, homeless shelters, refugee support and emergency relief projects.

The majority of charities benefiting are small, with tiny budgets and resources, often staffed by volunteers and addressing issues at the grass roots. Equipment like laptops, desktops, printers, servers and peripherals are absolute essentials for a lot of these groups, however many find these items too expensive to obtain. Paying high street prices diverts valuable funds from core activities, or simply means essential equipment is entirely out of reach.

RDC’s partnership with In Kind Direct aims to help UK charities access the quality IT equipment they need to deliver their important work effectively.

The partnership allows customers to choose to donate all or part of the resale value of products disposed of via RDC to In Kind Direct which is then converted into suitable IT equipment for the charities in their network.

In Kind Direct vets all of the charities receiving goods to ensure that all IT equipment procured is properly used to improve and enhance recipient charities’ operations.

If desired, RDC customers can choose to restrict which charities benefit from IT equipment distributions by geographical or focus area. So, for example, customers could choose that the resale value generated and turned into equipment is then used solely to benefit children’s charities, or charities in Essex.

Digital Partnership (www.digitalpartnership.org)

The worldwide demand for donated ICT equipment continues to exceed the supply. Computer equipment that may be approaching the end of its useful life in a corporate setting can still be of great value in a developing country or disadvantaged community, yet less than 1% of this equipment is donated for re-use.

Digital-PartnershipThe Digital Partnership can offer a sustainable solution to this problem while representing a mutually beneficial partnership for companies seeking a socially responsible, economically competitive and sustainable solution for the disposal of their ICT equipment.

Launched in South Africa in 2001 the programme has introduced sustainable strategies to bring technology to the task of poverty alleviation and development, making a difference through ICT capacity-building, education and the provision of affordable technology.

It has facilitated effective cross-sector partnerships to place thousands of computers worldwide, and pioneered the establishment of Ethiopia’s first Computer Refurbishment, Training and De-Manufacturing Facility.

Digital Partnership accepts donations of high quality, pre-used computers from corporations looking to retire their ICT assets and replace with new. In exchange, companies are provided with the assurance that all legal and environmental obligations are taken care of.


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