RDC Invests In New Degaussing Technology to Meet New Standards In National Data Security Requirements

Chris GarnRDC invested in new degaussing technology this week. “We use a series of degaussing technologies in our Braintree laboratories and at customer site projects. Dynamics in data security requirements over the last six months mean clients are looking for a higher specification machines.” Said Chris Garn, Head of Customer Services at RDC “The US National Security Agency (NSA) approved our new degaussing machines to the highest level of security specification on their evaluated product list, this provides RDC access to high level security projects.

Unlike ordinary degaussing machinery the new degaussing process is faster with more automation. The operator can securely eradicate media to the highest available standard in less than a minute. The new equipment runs continuously without over-heating, unlike other systems which need time off to cool when they get too hot.”

“We also acquired new highly portable degaussing equipment designed to give the same high standard of data eradication. Data is destroyed on the customer site before the memory device is returned to Braintree for dismantling or shredding.

Recently we have operated on-site in high security environments at sites across the UK, eradicating data for financial, government and non-government organisations.

Coupled with our ability to offer mobile-phone and tablet data eradication services it means we can offer an all-round service for modern communication devices with storage capabilities. The new service enables us to wipe a mobile phone beyond recovery and rewrite the operating system leaving it safe for reuse.”

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