Clothing – The A to Z of How to Reuse, Reduce or Recycle Anything

The pressure is on to keep up with the latest fashion and for what? So we look good? Look good to who? It was Thomas Tusser, a local poet and farmer, who coined the phrase a fool and his money are soon parted. How did a fool get together with money in the first place? Some dedicated followers of fashion like the King and his clothes look neither attractive or particularly wise when you consider the hole in their pocket.

Ironically today’s impoverished students who cannot afford the latest fashion will create their own, sometimes from reused clothing, and become fashion aficionados of the future. If they can do it now then why can’t we?

Fashion is not limited to the cat-walk but imagination. Reviving old clothes with natural dyes such as Indigo producing plants for blue, Weld for a strong colour-fast yellow and Madder for red, is rewarding, free of cost if you create your own dye, and unique. What more could a dedicated follower of fashion ask for?

Donating to charity
Despite recent media reports and the discovery of some charities not meeting reasonable performance expectations many clothing charities exist for this high-demand donation. Check your high street for local charities or put them in a local textile bank.

Enter your post code to find your nearest kerbside drop off point for textiles:

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