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WEEE Directive Recast

The EU WEEE Directive has been reviewed or in EU speak “recast”. In the UK, the Department of Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) have just concluded a consultation on their proposals to transpose the Recast WEEE Directive into UK laws. … Continue reading

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RDC to manage the disposal of IT equipment for a large energy company

RDC has secured a significant new agreement with a large UK energy company, generating a turnover in excess of £28 billion in 2011 and over 20,000 employees. The new RDC contract includes disposal of IT equipment across all divisions of … Continue reading

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Find out how much your unused computer equipment is worth regardless of condition and age have updated their website and now give an instant valuation for desktop and laptop computers. Simply give the make and model to receive an instant quote then choose cheque, BACS or donatation to charity. The last step is to … Continue reading

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Aluminium Foil & Containers – The A to Z of How to Reuse, Reduce or Recycle Anything

Reduce Aluminium is in high demand in the home because of its flexibility but don’t wrap everything in it. A paper bag or grease proof paper for sandwiches is just as good. Reuse That flexibility means it can be used … Continue reading

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How good are we at recycling in the UK and how do we compare to the rest of Europe?

The Eurostat website for the European Commission reports that in 2008 computer disposal and electronic disposal through recycling rate for the UK is 6.9kg per person. Significantly lower than several countries including Sweden and Ireland, but that’s not surprising, these … Continue reading

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Debunking Recycling Myths, The 10 Most Common Recycling Critics Complaints

Critics of recycling will tell you the cost of transportation and the pollution it produces outweigh the benefits. They state the cost of transporting glass hundreds of miles to be melted down makes little sense. They neglect to point out … Continue reading

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RDC Recycle, Remarket & Redeploy on Google+, Facebook and Twitter

RDC now have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts as well as this blog in our effort to answer questions about recycling, remarketing and redeploying computer hardware. If you have questions please feel free to use any of these channels to … Continue reading

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