Bubble Wrap – The A to Z of How to Reuse, Reduce or Recycle Anything

Bubble Wrap is made from Polythene which is recycled by most council authoritiesReuse
Famed for its therapeutic value popping bubble wrap can help pass time in a calm an orderly manner ‘though be aware those around you may find it irritating!

There are many reuses for bubble wrap, here is a round-up of some of them:

  • Blocking gaps in walls. Rolled up bubble wrap is voluminous and flexible making ideal to fill circular or uneven holes alike. Don’t block safety vents but if your plumber has taken the tumble drier and left a gaping hole or your ornamental garden wall is failing to block a draft on a sunny yet windy day, then bubble-wrap is an ideal temporary solution.
  • Use between china when storing for moving or seasonal cessation.
  • Large roll could be used for a shower curtain
  • Most cats and all kittens will go crazy for bubble wrap and will create a riveting and entertaining show for young children.
  • Wrap plants in bubble wrap to protect from frost during winter.
  • Insulation in sheds and green houses. Pierce for ventilation.
  • Cover windows to give privacy.
  • Keep some in the car; use as a pillow on long journey’s and an insulator for frozen items.
  • An emergency rain coat

Bubble Wrap is made from Polythene. Most Local Authorities recycle Polythene.

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