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History of RDC

RDC was formed in 1991 starting life as a computer auction business, sourcing and selling second hand computer equipment to be sold at live auctions throughout southern England. Several years’ later product sales developed to encompass end of life IT disposal services helping private and public sector customers dispose of their used computer equipment.  RDC became a specialist end of life solution provider for used and unwanted IT assets, focusing on the secure deletion of data stored on used computer equipment and responsibly recycling unusable and obsolete items.

The first batch of used IT equipment was processed by RDC in 1996.  Following collection from customer site the equipment was data wiped, electrically safety tested and functionally checked, former user markings were removed and passed equipment was cleaned before resale to the second user market.  Obsolete items were recycled to extract ferrous and non-ferrous materials through a shredding and separation processes.  All equipment details including asset numbers were recorded to report back to the customer.  Although some tasks remain the same today, our systems and processes have undergone significant change and complexity over the years as we have grown to become the World’s foremost IT Disposal and IT Recycling Company.

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In 1999 RDC was acquired by Computacenter.

Our best practice processes and procedures led to our first Queen’s Award for Enterprise win in 2002, for Innovation, for developing the IT asset management business model that has formed the basis for the company’s success.

Quality and service excellence is recognised through certification to international standards:

• ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
• BS 11000: 2010; the British Standard for Collaborative Business Relationships
• ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System• PAS 99:2006 Integrated Management System
• ISO 27001:2005 Security Management System
• OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management
• PAS 141:2011 Approved Re-Used Electricals


In January 2012 RDC moved into new 355,000 square feet (35,000 m²) headquarters and operational centre in Braintree, Essex, believed to be the largest facility of its type in the World.  This growth has largely been fuelled by our widening international network of customers for services and refurbished products.

We were awarded our third Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012, this time for International Trade, adding to the awards for Innovation and Sustainable Development in 2002 and 2009 embracing comprehensive data security, wiping and electronic safety testing.

During 2012 we developed and implemented a range of web solutions in multiple languages for businesses, consumers and employees.  Solutions enable the return and purchase refurbished equipment.  Our newest website Money4Computers.com allows consumers and employees of our corporate customers to trade in their own equipment to generate money back with the confidence that data is securely erased.

In 2014 RDC were certified to PAS 141, a specification for the re-use of used and waste electrical and electronic equipment (UEEE & WEEE). PAS 141 reassures customers that used electrical & electronic equipment (UEEE) has been tested and prepared for reuse ensuring it is safe to use and functional. It demonstrates a commitment to providing products that a customer knows will be safe to use, free from protected data and supporte by a warranty.

In 2015 RDC was acquired by Arrow Electronics.


Re-use of used and waste electrical and electronic equipment

(UEEE and WEEE) – Process management – Specification ICT Equipment: Laptops, PC bases, printers, servers & ICT peripherals only For the following Re-use Process Streams: TVs, PC Monitors & Screens: PC Screens only

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